Home Insurance for Properties In Somerset

For most of us, our house is probably the biggest investment we are going to make and the most valuable asset we will own; it is important that you put in place the right kind of home insurance to protect it.

Buildings insurance – This will provide cover for the structure of the property such as the walls, foundations, and roof along with fixtures and fittings such as fitted kitchen units and bathrooms. Lenders will stipulate you have buildings insurance at the very least as part of their terms, this is to ensure their security is protected.

Contents insurance – This will provide cover for all the items that make a property your home; from furniture and soft furnishings to white goods as well as your personal possessions such as clothes, jewellery, computer equipment and bicycles (usually specified as an extra). You can also choose to cover your personal belongings outside of the home which is ideal if you travel with certain items or often take them with you to other places.

Combined policy – A combined policy will provide cover for both the building and what you keep in it, the contents, and often works out cheaper than having 2 separate policies. This is typically known as a building and contents policy. If you live in rented accommodation however you will typically only need contents insurance as your landlord will cover the cost of the buildings cover.

Getting the right kind of cover

It can be tricky to work out the exact amount of cover you need to insure your home and its contents for. And there are a number of optional extras to consider also. Such as accidental damage, personal possessions away from home, legal expenses and home emergency cover.
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