Expat mortgages

Are you an expat living or working abroad who wants to buy or remortgage a property back in Britain? If you’re looking for a mortgage, whether it’s for a buy-to-let investment, a home you want to live in when you return, or even a second property, it’s harder to find a high street lender prepared to lend at competitive rates.

If you’re an expat trying to secure a mortgage you may find it challenging. One of the key reasons is that expatriates will often be considered as ‘high risk’ by lenders, as pursuing debt from overseas is undeniably harder than in the UK. Finding the right lender and product will take into account a number of factors: firstly the country you will be living or working in (some countries are on a banned list), the earning amount and currency you are paid in (as there could be currency fluctuations) and how long you have been overseas. With all these considerations to factor in, you will need the help of a mortgage broker to find the most suitable solution. Chances are, that solution is from one of the niche lenders you may not be aware of.

At Aspire Financial Services we understand these challenges and are able to help find you the right lender and secure the right product. We can help you prepare all the relevant documents that will be required, advise on how to get these authenticated and, if you’re investing in a buy to let property, we can even point you in the direction of reputable tax accountants. This is a vital step to ensure you comply with UK tax legislation for overseas property investment.

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